AMPS Bar & Stage

Hi there!


My name is Moses and I've got exciting news! Soon I will open my own pub: AMPS Bar & Stage. A pub in the Hague where metal will be the focus. In order to achieve this, I have started a crowdfunding campaign. Hence the question: would you like to invest in AMPS Bar & Stage?


My plans

AMPS exists to connect artists and fans of (metal) music and improve the general scene in the region. Many people will already be familiar with ''Triple Threat Metal Fest''. This event was brought to you by my company, AMPS. Partially due to the great success of TTMF's inaugural edition, I have decided the best way to move forward is to provide an extra stage for the many artists and bands we would like to see play live!

Of course (unfortunately) there can't be a party every week so for your daily pleasure you can come and enjoy great beer and other drinks. Sadly, we won't be solving world hunger but we can ensure our guests won't suffer! You will be able to enjoy tasty dishes as well and all that for normal and unimpressive prices!

For us to open the pub, we will need around 50.000 euros. This is the amount I am looking to crowdfund and hopefully you will be one of the first investors!

I am looking for around 100 people who will invest 500 euros, but you're free to invest more or less as you like! This will be a loan and any money you do invest, will be paid back within two years with an annual interest rate of 4,2%. You will also receive fantastic rewards including (but not limited to) eternal glory by getting your name put on our ''wall of fame'' and a chance to win amazing prizes.

Investments lower than 100 euros are also welcome and will also be rewarded. You can think of these amounts as a pre-payment rather than a loan. This means you pay now for, for instance, a dinner and drink of your choice once we open up shop. Here you also have a chance to win amazing prizes!


A good start..

Is half the battle, of course! So my question is, can I count on you? If so, how much would you want to invest (or pre-pay)?

It would mean the world to me if you want to help out. This way we can consolidate, strengthen and advance our community throughout the country (and beyond)!




10 = voucher for drinks
25 = a free t-shirt + drink + mystery gift
50a free t-shirt + free dinner and drinks for 2 + mystery gift


100 = Wall of fame + free dinner and drinks for 2 + free tshirt + a chance to win a pair of AKG K92 headphones + a free t-shirt

250 = Wall of fame + free dinner and drinks for 2 + a chance to win a Mooer Rage Machine distortion pedal + a free t-shirt

500 = Wall of fame + free dinner and drinks for 2 + a chance to win a Peavey bass amp + a free t-shirt

1000 = Wall of fame + you get a drink or a dish named after you + a chance to win a Blackstar 1x12 guitar amp + free entry to our events for a year + a free t-shirt

5000 = Wall of fame + you get a drink or a dish named after you + free entry to our events for the next 5 years + a free t-shirt



Make no mistake, we are creating history and this is just the first step! So if you would like to be a part of it, please find the donate button below. You can also use PayPal directly.