At My Place Studio

AMPS is a hub that focusses on heavy music and it exists to assist not only fans of the genres but also the artists. We plan on doing so in several ways:

  • As a platform for buying/selling merch and other music related products. We offer this service to any artist who is looking for an extra (or main) point of sale. For more info, please contact us through the form or send us an email.

  • Through organising and/or facilitating live shows and festivals. You may already know TRIPLE THREAT METAL FEST. This is just one of the events we would like to organise on a regular basis.

  • By giving fans a place to eat, drink and hang out while listening to metal and other music you would have a hard time finding elsewhere. Imagine visiting a pub and not having to hear Top 2000 radio against your will! Instead of hearing *enter pop artist here*, you can enjoy beatdown, breakdowns and System of a Down while downing a pint of quality local beer. Speaking of local, you might very well hear local bands coming through our speakers! This is the idea behind AMPS Bar & Stage.


With many more ideas that are currently being worked on, the abovementioned are the pillars of what's to come. Our goal is to consolidate communities and become a beacon of brilliance because we care. AMPS is not just a company. AMPS is a passion.